Terran Ascent is a term used to describe the effects of a visit by Sarans who landed on Terra on the lawn of the White House. That set in motion a series of events by The Guardian that ended the Third World War on Earth and started the United Earth period of Terran History.

The gifting of faster than light technology to the Terrans by the Sarrans is now considered the one of the most important moments in Galactic History due to the long term effects of that action.

With the technology of faster than light travel, the possibility of colonizing Mars and other locations within the solar system finally becomes viable and opened up the possibility for extra-solar colonies as well.

At the same time they were given this gift, they also received a notice of a threat that potentially could destroy all life on Earth.  It was an historic and culture changing event like no other when Terrans found out that space teems with life, that there are other civilizations more primitive or farther advanced than them. That the seemingly endless space is full of borders and political territories.

The Terran Ascent is celebrated annually on Earth as a planet wide holiday. On the day prior to the start of the Union Week closest to the 250th, 500th, 750th, 1000th, 1250th, 1500th, 1750th, 2000th, 2250th, 2500th, 2750th, and 3000th anniversaries that event was mentioned in the Assembly as something to be celebrated.

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