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Common term describing all humans originating from Earth. This includes all colonial worlds, the 41 Clone Species, the Huffh and the Saurons. While humans of the planet Terra itself are technically Terrans as well, they prefer to be called Earthers.

  • Civilization:Earthers
  • Race: Human
  • Adjective: Terran
  • Place of Origin: Earth (Terra)
  • AL:10
  • TL:8+
  • Association: United Earth until 2220 then Union
  • Status: Active
  • Member Species #2

After the Sarans gave the humans on Earth the technological know-how to construct faster than light technology, the individual nation states on Earth ceased to exist (1) and Earthers immediately begun to colonize their own Star system and after exterminating the Xunx (2) pushed first into the Xunx Expanse (Pleiades). Billions of humans left Earth in an event called the Second Exodus that lasted several decades to settle and colonize other worlds. These settlers and colonists are of Earth origin and have their own local designation, such as Neo Vikings, Greenies, and Phantasians etc.

These colonies and settlements were united under the United Earth government until the foundation of the United Stars of the Galaxy (3).

The very first colony established was the Luna colony on Earth’s own moon. While all colonists were human and from Earth they identified themselves as Lunies or Mooners but officially are designated as Terrans.

The former 41 Corporate Slave Clone types such as the Saturnians, Homo Stellaris and Mindblowers are officially designated new species and vary greatly in their physiology but they are also technically Terrans as they originated from there as well. Most of the New Man Species often insist on this classification.

The Huffh, the Saurons and the Neanderthals of [[Bopho's Tribe] left Earth eons before the official exodus but are Terrans as well.

The recently discovered Mini Terrans are Colonists that have been lost during the second exodus.

(Technically the Coven are Terrans as well as they came from the same planet of a parallel universe and recovered their corporal existence on Earth)

The Vrill, the Aryans and the Dragons are not Terrans even though both species have established secret colonies on planet Earth. (The Dragons insist on this designation never the less while the remaining Vrill consider it an insult)

(1) For Information as how Earth united see: The Guardian, The Guardian’s Take Over, The 200,

(2) For information on the Xunx extermination see: Operation Steamroller, Xunx Genocide, Terras First Crime

(3) The name was changed from United Stars of the Galaxy to United Stars of the Galaxies after the official admission of the Perthanians as the first member species from another Galaxy (Andromeda) in 3690