Thauran Vampire

The legends and stories of old Earth about Supernatural beings hunting for Blood of others while being of “Noble Origin” such as “Count Dracula” have fallen on rich ground with the Nobility obsessed Thauran. After they arrived at their new home, much of the original Terran knowledge was lost or forgotten, but stories and folklore remained. This is why the Thaurans experimented with their own DNA to get blue blood. (It resulted in Blue skin) as they believed that true Nobles of Earth really had Blue Blood. Similar was the case with the Vampire Lore. A book of Vampire stories survived and was taken literally by an early Thauran Emperor.(Emperor Swybir the 2nd)

He tasked his scientists to create Vampires in his own family line. The result was a strange amalgam of blue skinned , Thaurans with short bat like wings (that were way to small to facilitate flight) These Vampires however could see better I the dark and had very pronounced canine fangs. Their digestive tract was geared towards metabolizing blood. Since the resulting beings came from the Emperors DNA and were born to imperial women. They were of course “Noble” and seventy generations of Thauran Emperors nourished and increased the number of these Vampires. They were feeding on normal Thauran Pheasants that were rounded up by the Military. This led to a near revolt and an opposing Noble House backed by the masses and almost all Kings swept the Vampire Family of the Azure Throne. The Thauran DNA cloned Vampires were killed, but a King (King Ferbyr of Cobalt) loyal to the Old House sheltered 400 of the Vampires on his planet and in his kingdom. The Vampires were of course no real mythical creatures but normal Carbon based life forms, multiplied (the old fashioned way) The myth and the stories of Noble Vampires never died in the Thauran Empire and 200 years after the Azure Throne was taken by the Swabin House, a Vampire Lord named Count Drucifer and an army of highly trained Assassins, descended onto the the Azure World and killed everyone of the House Swabin, but instead of taking power, the “Thauran Vampires” disappeared stealing several big Thauran ships and loads of materials and about 2000 Thaurans as prisoners most likely for food. The Thauran Vampires have remained in the Thauran Lore and were a source of Nightmare stories and whispered legends. The Thauran Vampires were rediscovered in 5035 by a Union Ship on a planet 150 light years in the Spinward Sector. They had fallen into a Tech Level C , pre-industrial society disease ridden and decaying. The Assembly decided to assist.

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