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The Ascent


this term describes perhaps the most important moment in any civilization's history. It is the moment they discover faster than light technology. Either by themselves or by others giving it to them. Now they are able to ASCEND from their place of origin, their gravity well, their planet and step upon the Galactic Stage and become part of the Galactic Community. It is a historic and culture-changing event like no other when they find out that space teems with life, that there are other civilizations more primitive or far more advanced than them. That the seemingly endless space is full of borders and political territories. That it could be a wonderful or terrible event.

Humans from Earth assented with the help of the Sarans and very quickly became a force to be reckoned with. The Tinkeheel ran into the Siucra during their very first Faster than light expedition and paid dearly for it and were almost exterminated. Ascent almost always leads to the second important event : The First Contact

The Ascent is celebrated on Terra as a planet wide holiday.

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