The Assembly[edit | edit source]

(This article refers to the Union's body of Representatives.  For the building see The Sphere of Assembly)


The Assembly, The Great Assembly and the Union Assembly are the three most common terms used to refer to what is formally called The Assembly of Representatives of Planets, Communities and Civilizations of the United Stars of the Galaxies[1]

The Political System is called a Direct technocratic Democracy (Decisions made directly by the people without guidance or moral persuasion, usually relying on multiple choices laid out by experts ).

Every problem, proposal or request is first analyzed by the Office of Proposals and is then sent to the Councils. There are Major councils like : Science, Political, Foreign Affairs, Military, Health and Medical, Intelligence and Trade and finance. Each Council gives a recommendation and the proposal or problem is posted on GalNet were every citizen can read about them and leave a comment or opinion. For big issues and major proposals it is advertised and Citizens are encouraged to vote on it. The representatives here can add their opinions and comments why a proposal is good or bad for them or whatever else they want to say to an issue. Finally a Computronic analysis is made considering all opinions, recommendations and the Issue complete with the analysis is put up for a vote. The assembly then has a certain time to vote on it.

Larger Decisions are always put up for the entire Union to vote on. Voting is mandatory for Citizens. The elected president can in circumstances declare war or emergencies and if the state of emergency is ratified , the president has near dictatorial powers and can act fast and decisive.

  1. The complete formal name is normally used during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Assembly year and when formally seating the first representatives of a new Union Member.
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