String of Gigamon Space Stations between M-0 and Andromeda.Edit


Construction Start in 3631 - Andromeda reached 3746 Offical completion 3798 - First Space train reaching an official Andromeda destination 3747

After the last Y’All Invasion it was decided to find out who send the Y’All and to carry the War into their territory. Hopefully able to prevent another Invasion. It was also believed the Y’All came from M31 (Andromeda). Since no Union ship could fly the enormous empty gap of 2 million light years (The maximum distance a Ship can cover using current technology in Quasi Space is 5000 Light years before engines burn out) Dr. Ignaz Nudelhoff was the first to propose a string of Space Stations, one every 5000 light years to bridge the gap. Ships could fly to the station, replace Engines and refuel and thus make it all the way. The idea was discussed by the Science Council and put before the Assembly and approved, but instead of every 5000 Light years, a station was to be built every 2500 Light years. The Union managed to complete the largest construction project in Galactic History in only 120 years. Between the 800 Gigamon Stations are smaller Medamon Stations as Relay stations for GalNet Services at 1250 LY distance.

The Bridge became a vibrant community and each of the 800 Gigamon stations a densely populated high tech islands in the otherwise empty trans galactic space. “Deep Space Villages” have sprung up around the large Stations, smaller domed privately owned stations.

Bridge Connection System in the Milky Way Galaxy: Threshold System. Bridge Connection in the Andromeda Galaxy: Bridgehead System.

Some of the Bridge Stations are:

First Step (the first one built outside M-0)

The Forge ( Union translocator Factory)

Nolight – Famous Gambler paradise with many Casinos

  • Far Out – Bridge Fleet Defense Force HQ
  • Midway Station – Biggest Station and at the center between M-0 and Andromeda. Also near the Gravitational Center of the Local Group.
  • Threshold – Last Station built before reaching Andromeda

A list of all the stations within the bridge can be found here


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