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It matters not if the beings of the Universe, small and insignificant as they were contemplated the Universe itself and believed they could explain everything and dismissed whatever they could not understand or explain into the realm of myth and fantasy. The fact remained that there was The RULE. Regardless of scale, be it at the subatomic level, or at the cosmic level where universes existed in nearly endless combinations of matter, energy and possibility it all was bound by rules. Nothing existed without a reason and for every condition there was a counter condition. Some called it the :Law of Nature,others said physical laws and yet others called it the will of Gods but no matter how you called it, no matter how it was explained the RULE existed and every sentient life form knew it existed.

There were many who questioned the Rule and those who could not accept the hand or the will of something greater than them simply believed the conditions of the RULE became to be all by chance and all on itself. Those little insignificant societies and beings who could barely look to their own horizon and had no abilities to look beyond laughed at those who worshipped gods and demons and explained all that was by divine reason.

Yet neither had the life span or the senses to truly understand. Universes came and went, time streams begun and ended only to repeat another cycle. And simultaneous near infinite Universes did the same and they all contained in a greater condition.

I am the Voice of the Rule and I am neither alive nor dead, neither being nor matter, I am beyond time and matter, beyond the Veil of existence and lord over the eternal plane and yet I am just a servant, a condition set to conciousness so I may guard the Rule and speak out to those who attempt to violate it.

My existence can not be measured in such inadequate terms as time and space and I have existed. Yet even I had a beginning and now that the RULE has been broken there is the possibliity that it too has an end.

No force should be able to break the Rule and yet it is fragile and the balance can be disturbed.