The seer
The Seer

Sentient being / entity of a precursor universe . He or it is believed to be the author of the 
Prophecy of Before and Yet to come . While it is generally believed that the future can not be predicted in a monolinear universe, it has been the expressed believe of many entities that there are certain  milestones that can be predicted and must be reached.
The Seer, not much of him or it is known as he was part of a previous universe and no records about him have survived.
It is also accepted that the Seer is not one of the beings that managed to survive the destruction of his Universe.
His predictions however seem to be very accurate and focus on the rise of the New Dark One and the conditions that need to be met in  order for this event to occur.
The original document is in the posession of the Coven , however it was revealed that there were several copies in circulation.
None of the copies were flawless and contained many errors.
The Seer is not the same person as "The Old Seer " and there are no relations other than both men dedicated time to the Dark One .

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