The Seven Voyages of Captain Harvey‏‎ 

(by Ajmal Khan Wardak GalNetPress GSBN 905945-39594-98737-TER First Edition 2295)

The books of Captain Steven Harvey , First Terran Union Captain (2220 - 2281) and his seven Missions has been made into movies, books, GalNet shows and even a musical. The reason is that the adventures and exploits of Harvey and the Crew of the USS Beagle (A Terran Trafalgar Class Star Ship[1])

His witty, often completely out of the norm and against all regulations approach to problems has been the delight of readers for many generations.

The original Book : The Seven Voyages of Captain Harvey were written by the XO of the USS Beagle, Ajmal Khan Wardak

The books fell into obscurity with the general public as ships became bigger and the Union Navy more rigid. But the book is part of the so called Captain's treasure and strongly recommended reading for anyone wanting to become CO of a Union ship.

In an ultra rare GalNET interview of Admiral Stahl in 5062[2] Among other questions he was asked who he considered to be great Union Heroes and he said that the list would be too long as he considered every service man, woman and being a hero.But if he had to pick a few that he remembered he named Captain Zezzh, Captain Olafson, Captain Harvey and a few others. During the Interview he said "Only perhaps Eric, I mean Captain Olafson had outdone Captain Harvey in shenanigans and hair raising adventures. At that time, the Log Book of the Tigershark was a Mega hit and best-seller. The searches for Captain Harvey spiked and the sales spiked tremendously. 

  1. United Earth and early Union Fleet used to have a designated space ship class called Star ship
  2. Celebrating Stahl's 3000th Birthday. He agreed to appear on GalNet for an Interview.