The Sky Cathedrals of the Righteous Church of God

The RCG is a very rigid, very stern and very rich religious group within the Union . They are considered to be militant.

While the RCG is a legal registered religion, it is on the watch list of the Union Police as a potential terror group.

No official crime or atrocities could be attributed to the church.

They colonized the planet New Calvary and 99 percent of that planets population belongs to the church.

While not openly spoken, it has been said that non humanoids are not as welcome as humanoids.

The church is financially supported by the Armin Ertus family , an old and very wealthy family making its money primarily by money lending and finance services.

Ertus Leasing is one of largest space ship leasing companies.

The Sky Cathedrals are a big tourist attraction as well as the core of the RCG

The spires are three to five thousand meters high.

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