The Twelve Token

When the Dark One was defeated by trickery and the combined might of the Forces of Light led by Lord Lumis in the First of all Omni-verses . The Dark One was defeated but not conquered or destroyed for good. Even all the Forces of Light could not destroy him. So they used the Power of the Rule to divide him into 12 parts. Each Part bonded to a piece of the Dark One's belongings.

The Tokens have been scattered around the Universe and thought of hidden where they can not be found. If all 12 Token are re-untied the Dark One rises once more and he has to make the Decision!

Exact revenge on those who defeated him before and thus breaking the Rule forever as the Balance can not be restored after that, or Join the Light and forgive. This decision will destroy the Dark One forever and also break the Rule forever as the Balance can not be restored.

The twelve token
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