The white Nun

(legend and element of "The Other Story")

Excerpt & Scene

>>> Mimi and Yvonne were there as well. Mimi told us the legend of the white nun. A novice that got pregnant and was tortured by inquisitors . She never revealed who her lover was and they accused her of being with the devil. She was burned at the stake
Mimi said legend had it, that she was a commoner of the poorest family not pregnant, but deeply in love with Prince Bernhard of Ashcroft. She never wanted to implicate him and kept her secret throughout the most horrid torture. Back then the Ashcrofts were enemies of the Catholic church . Sir Bernhard returning from a war campaign for the king, was so enraged he killed all the nuns, the inquisitors, and burned the cloister down. The stone walls remain to this day and are said to be haunted by that nun. Her name was not recorded and her burnt body never found."
Mother said."A sad but lovely story. A story that might have a kernel of truth but has been told so many times. <<<

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