Union Member Species- Native to the M-0 Galaxy
AL 7 TL 4 (before Union Membership)

The Theta-Tieks are a rather obscure Union Member. While they like the idea of a Union and eagerly applied for membership. They do not like to travel or to leave their home regions.
They are very friendly towards visitors but are suspicious regarding visitors who wish to stay. It might take decades for a more permanent foreigner is accepted as a Theta.
There is a Class C Spaceport, but it is mostly used for freight and mail. Thetas usually do not travel.
They offer a variety of cottage industry items that command a good price on Union Markets. 
Chief among them are a wide variety of knives, artisan metalwork, wrought iron products, railings, ornamental iron, and other metals. Theta-Tieks are also gifted jewelers and create very sought after jewelry. Especially Oghr love the Husk ornaments created by the Thetas.

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