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For the beverage see Thill, beer Thil

aka Dai Water, Dai Piss, Than Brew

Thil is a weak beer like beverage traditionally made and consumed by the Dai Than. Usually every Dai Clan has its own brand of Thil, and it varies slightly in alcohol content and taste. It is made of a grain variety that grows on the Garden tracts of Dai Mothers and due to the endless recycling of fertilizers, soils and genetic altering it is a quite bland tasting grain.

Few of the Union Dai still drink Thil as they prefer the now easily obtainable beers of other Union Societies, but one clan has begun to market Thil as a brand both in the Union and via Golden Markets all across the Galaxy (where it is bought with great success by the Independent Dai, Officially called Traitor Thil and shunned but secretly enjoyed)

The Akt-Mi Clan (Union Dai) founded the first Dai owned Brewing Company making Thil the traditional way but with superior planet grown grains. It is still weak (3.5 % Alcohol) but considered the best Thil by almost all Dai and it enjoys a slowly but steadily growing popularity and market.