September 1st
Third World War

2079 - 2089

The Third world war was a period of global conflicts of planet Earth. Many scholars believe  the 3rd World War started with Iranian and Afghan extremists.

Iran launching a nuclear missile that destroyed Jaffa. Israel retaliates and levels Iran. China marched in and declared all Iranian oil now under Chinese control. The United States intervenes.

Pakistani Extremists are prevented from launching nukes against Israel by Israel striking first. Islamists all over the world are reduced to insignificance as China annexed Taiwan and declared several Japanese islands to now be under Chinese jurisdiction. 

The United States was on its knees economically was now at war with China.

The Third World War involved almost every nation. China versus India and Russia now allied with China. Taiwan and Japan occupied. Most of the former Arab nations were occupied by either Chinese or Indian troops, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan were completely wiped out. Jerusalem, Paris and Tehran nuked. Major land battles raged in Mongolia, Tibet and Eastern Europe. Africa was completely overrun by anarchy and warring factions. Europe no longer existed as it once did. The collapse of the Euro led into a European Civil war that was still going on, despite the Chinese and Russians rolling on. The only European Nation that managed to hang on was England, but its economy was also in shambles and its military drained to its last resources. The US fought the Chinese, while still controlling the Oceans lose every battle on land, due to the sheer overwhelming force the Chinese bring to bear. Major unrest in Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Dallas.

South America under the aggression of Venezuela and Argentina. Brazil and Chile fall.

Chinese - Indian AllianceEdit

Operation Upshot-Knothole - Badger 001

Destruction of the Uhim Berg

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