The Three Wise men of the Assembly

aka the Three Wise Men

When Egill Skallagrímsson of Nilfeheim went to Sares Prime to be treated for a very rare psionic disease and the Saresii specialists found out that Egill was one of the best Telekinetic talents ever encountered ( he was able to manipulate matter on a molecular level and delay and halt his own aging process, he was examined by the First of the Saresii Algear Moansti, who was an accomplished Psionics Specialist, one of the leaders of the Saresii Society and the Saresii representative. Alegar and Egill became friends even before Egill moved to Pluribus Unum to assume the role of Representative of the Neo Vikings and the planet Nilfeheim. Alegar spends more time in the Nilfeheim Alcove than in the Alcove of Sares and the two men were seen together quite frequently. (Even though Alegar looks like a very sexy female, he is a Saresii Male). Scholars are not entirely sure how the Narth Representative, (who took on the name Narth Rep later on) became friends with Alegar and Egill. Some say it has to do with Eric Olafson who in turn became best friends with a Narth (later named Narth Officer). The three individuals kept meeting mostly in the Nilfeheim Alcove and when the Assembly addressed the Narth or the Saresii it happened often into the direction of the Nilfeheim Alcove. In several occasions the Narth wanted to consult with his friends before making a statement. Same with Alegar and when Egill spoke the Assembly listened. It did not take very long and the three were consulted by others for many things. When Mothermachine wanted to consult the three before making an important statement, the phenomenon and institution of the “Three Wise men” became a semi-official one. The three Wise men became immensely popular and the Assembly did not vote on important issues before the opinion of the three was heard. The three remained an Assembly Institution until Egill retired in 5050. Alegar retired shortly after and Narth Rep was replaced by a new Narth representative the same year. It is said the three are on a “Tour of the Union”

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