Map of tomb
Tomb world
Tomb World1
Tomb World

Planet in the Coreward Sector – Claimed by multiple parties.

  1. Union
  1. Kermac
  1. Nul
  1. The Dead
  1. Belmac

The planet was simultaneously “discovered” by the Union and Kermac forces during the final days of the Back Door War( (4881). Extensive ruins and artifacts of an advanced civilization made the Kermac believe it was a world of the UNI, while the Union suspected it to be an abandoned Seenian world. The previously unknown Belmac of the Downward Sector (advanced civilization)claimed to be the protectors of that world and the Nul arrived claiming to have a long standing Agreement of Assisting the Belmac. The Agreement of the Five was made to share the world. No excavations, no permanent buildings, no flying traffic other than space ships coming and going. The Planet is a Garden world (Arid) Has no surface water and no surface native life. The climate ranges from -10 to + 45 degrees on the C scale. With frequent dry winds and dust storms. Planet has many mountain ranges and extensive canyon systems. However there are extensive, possibly planet wide catacombs and several Necropolis sites with the remains of billions of beings in various states of burial (individual alcoves, mass graves pits etc) and at least 12 different humanoid species. There are extensive rivers and lakes underground and there is “Cave life” Critters, plants, fungi of various forms and size. Some of which are quite aggressive and dangerous to unprotected explorers. (Ceiling Cows, Wet Coats, Bone Crawlers, Skull Scarers etc) Excavations, removing remains or disturbing them is prohibited by the treaty. While the Nul are the Guarantors of the Treaty it is questioned by the Kermac and the Belmac as the Nul are now Union Members. The Nul claim that they honor their commitment unless War is declared, but they did open their archives for Union researchers. Currently there are three Union Settlements on Tomb World: Tomb Port, Down Stairs and Upstairs. The entire Union Community is about 20,000 individuals. Besides Scholars and Archeologists there is a Regiment of Union Army Cavalry equipped with Apache Gunships, as well as a Tourism and Pilgrim support industry.

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