Trans Matter Technology

This unique Union Technology is somewhat akin to the Ancient Gates, Wormholes etc.

This technology is considered so advanced that it upgrades the Tech Level Index for the Union as a whole to Tech Level 9+ . According to Cateria and the Saresii not even the Seenians had anything like it.

The technology generates a permanent trans-spatial short cut circumventing normal space and allowing fast , nearly instantaneous travel and transport over vast distances. SII who holds the patents is guarding the exact details as a great secret but it has to do with Exotic matter pumped into a space rift to keep the rift open. A second gate with the exact same Exotic Matter Count Frequency at another spatial coordinate is then connected and a trans-spatial tunnel is created. It is a safe form of travel but currently limited to distances of about 20 Light Years. SII TransMatter announced a 50 Light Year improvement for the Year 5030. Small 1 Kilo Transmatter Senders can send up to 1000 grams of matter to Matter Radio Stations up to 1000 light years.

A Trans Matter Network (With booster stations) now connects all Major Core Worlds. The Operation is very energy intensive and expensive. Local Transmatter connections from Planet to Planet (Like at Sol or Pluribus for example) are usually free or very cheap to use, the long distance connections are quite expensive and a Trans Matter Trip

Example: Earth to Theben (120 Light Years)

  • Trans Matter Tunnel : Earth -> Theben : 3 Minutes (5,000 Cr)
  • Space Train : Earth Theben -> Express : 24.5 Minutes (350 Cr)
  • Clipper Service: Earth -> Theben : 6 Days (1800 Cr)
  • Space Bus: Earth -> Theben: 7.51 Days (39.99 Cr)
  • Post Ship (Mail only) : 6 Days

Pluribus, Blue Moon, Sol, Luxor and Sares System are currently the most Transmatter connected systems. All planets and moons in these systems are Transmatter Connected and allows for easy commuting .

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