Translocator bombsTranslocator bombs
Translocator Cannon Loads aka Translocator Bomb sizes

(for the weapon system see Translocator Cannon)

Translocator cannons transport an object via a trans dimensional tunnel, bypassing standard space and time directly to pre determined target locations.


Zetta load hitting a planet sized target

Usually those objects are Anti matter bombs transported at the very moment when Anti Matter reacts to Matter and rematerialize in the target already exploding. However other ammunition types are available, such as Graviton Bombs, Spore bombs, Negative Energy bombs, Standard Fusion bombs and Conventional Explosives.

The Load size available in the Standard Anti Matter loads are expressed in their explosive yield of mixing a given amount of Anti matter with matter. The size and Caliber of the Cannons are expressed by the maximum load a TL Cannon can translocate.

Load type/size

Explosive yield

Nano load

1 nano gramof AM[1]

Micro Load

1 micro gram of AM

Mili load

1 milligram of AM

Centi Loads

1 gram of AM

Demi Loads

10 grams of AM

Kilo Load

1000 grams of AM

Mega Load

10 kilos of AM

Giga Loads

100 Kilos of AM

Tera Loads

200 kilos of AM

Peta Loads

500 kilos of AM

Exa Loads

1 ton of AM

Zetta Loads

10 tons of AM

Yotta Loads

100 tons of AM[2]

  1. Nano Gram loads are not commonly available and used exclusively in the SII-Big Thunder Experimental Union Marine TL-Rifle
  2. Yotta loads yield the same energy output as a small Sun puts out in one hour.

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