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Copper-like plate engraved with unidentified diagram was discovered on November 5, 1967 , by L. R., on the grass of the Riverside Municipal Golf Course in Edmonton, Alberta , Canada , after UFO event.

The size of the plate was 17.3 cm. wide by 12.5 cm. high, and a thickness of about 1 mm. He took the plate home with him, which was subsequently photographed by an unnamed individual.

The symbols on the metallic-like plate resemble "sigils." These hieroglyphic-like drawings are known throughout ancient times and have different meanings. Some refer to them as seals, others claim they have a spiritual or mystical connection, while others say they represent "ideas." Either way, they appear to be common to pictographs left behind by otherworldly sources.

In the below image, one can see mysterious symbols that were engraved in Brazilian megalithic stone found in Pedra Pinta, which is found in the northern Amazon River basin of Brazil . These writings were discovered in 1963 by French archeologist, Professor Marcel F. Homet. The stone carvings were estimated to be 10,000 years old.