Aka Project Umbrella.

Project Umbrella is an ongoing project with an eventual goal of placing TransDim Shields around every single Union Planets and Moons.

Due to the sheer number of locations involved, it was decided to initially place TransDim Shields around the planets and moons in the most important systems first and start placing ParaDim shields around the rest.

As of 5020, the terrestrial planets in Sol System, Sares, SPQR, Ultra, and Pluribus System are all protected with TransDim Shields[1][2]

Considering the current rate of expansion, all Union planets, moons and other natural bodies that are either Union Members or belong to organizations controlled by human members would be expected to be shielded by 5305.

While the Umbrella Project was approved by the Assembly with a great majority of votes, and put into law in 5022 (The "Para Dim for everyone" resolution) it is still a source of argument from what budget the project should be paid and under what Federal authority it should fall. Fleet did not want the project to be financed out of the Fleet budget, the Army wanted the Authority over all Planet shields and demanded a bigger budget to train personnel and install all the shield generators.

Finally and as per suggestion of the Three wise men of the Assembly a new department, modelled after an old Terran organization, was created , the Department of Civil Defense.The Umbrella project was put under the new Departments authority.


  1. non confirmed reports indicate that SII, Enroe Corp and several other companies may have placed either TransDim or ParaDim Shields around their headquarters, major research labs, and major production facilities.
  2. Arsenal System, along with half a dozen other military controlled systems are known to have some sort of shielding, but which one is present is unknown.

Narth System is shielded by TL 12 chrono shield by the narth civilization. it is the most heavily shielded star system up to 5500. the whole solar system is shielded.

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