Uni ship1

UNI Ship

No UNI ship has been seen in the Milky Way Galaxy for over 10 million years, however the Kermac and the Saresii have reported on their size and shape. Narth Supreme supplied scholars attending the annual Galacto Historian Symposium held in 5001 on Poho,with an image of a UNI ship.

According to these sources UNI ships were disc shaped and approximately 11 – 12 meters wide. The Narth declared its technology adequate for those who rely on technology and suggested it to be of Tech Level 10.

Little is known about the propulsion, weapons and shields, but based on archeologist evidence that has been recovered it is believed to be based on Psionic technology.

(On -DATE- Eric Olafson discovered a UNI ship in a volcanic cave on Nilfeheim.)

Uni ship
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