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The headquarters of the Union Space Force is on Pluribus and nicknamed Eagles Nest . Even though the space force no longer uses any fighter craft.

The headquarters is the administrative center. Everything else is located at “Force Center Omag ” on planet Omag .

The USSF is tasked with the development and deployment of Civilization destroying weapons and methods. As an ultimate defense. The USSF was more or less just a name until the Y'All war but was revitalized and re organized by Assembly Decision and Admiral Stahl was asked to reorganize it. Stahl refused and the task was given to the Chinese born Immortal Han Cheng . USSF

The USSF maintains a permanently occupied alcove at the Assembly . All personnel management and recruitment is also done here at the HQ.

The USSF HQ maintains a Union wide Thread Board that is public accessible, it lists all know adverse conditions to the Union with a ten to one scale of urgency.

The USSF does not offer any 22 month service options but has a civilian admin support work force.

There are about 20,000 individuals working at the USSF HQ.