The USS ARGUS is an old Bangholme Class – Battleship that has been completely refitted and modified for NAVINT and Special ops use. The 3500 meter war horse has lost most of its weapons and its armament is reduced to 2 long range TL sniper cannons and 4 FTL DE Projectors H Type.

The Argus and her sister ship  USS Pantopes are equipped with the most powerful long range sensors (on a mobile platform) extensive cloaking and camouflage technology and signature masking devices.

In addition to this sensing and listening capability, the Argus is capable of monitoring millions of communication channels and can deploy powerful jamming and distortion measures.

The Argus is technically a Union Fleet ship and like all military ships are under fleet command, but all vessels attached to the X Fleet are crewed by NAVINT personnel and do not operate under the same command structure regular vessels do.

Accusations that the NAVINT branch and the X Fleet operate Pirate vessels in Kermac and Free space are of course completely groundless and false.

(The ship and the Argus program is named after Argus Pantopes , son of Zeus and part of the ancient Greek mythology (Earth))


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