USS Devastator

•Length 36,560 meters
•Width 20,210 meters
•Berth 9,453 meters
Assumed :  Lyrec Class Battleship

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It is safe to say that there never has been a more famous star ship in the known history of the Milky Way . There are bigger ships, there are ships more advanced but none is as famous and none has that many legends, stories and myths told about it, than the USS Devastator.
It is assumed that it once was a Seenian Battleship as it bears the same design features and shape and that it had been built over a million years ago by the technologically far advanced Seenian Civilization.
No official records exist that tell the story what happened to the ship after the Seenian empire was destroyed or where it was until it was found by Admiral Stahl and the Rough Nine .
The modern history of the ship begins during the end of the last Y’All invasion when all seemed lost and the previously wrongly exiled Admiral Stahl returned after being gone for almost eighty years. Stahl returned during the last stand battle with this ship. With a new weapon and new shield technology.
After the Y’All war and after the 3rd Intergalactic War , the Devastator was modified and refurbished with Union technology, but it still carries many Seenian technological secrets, including a self-aware Omnitronic Ship AI called Centron .
The Devastator was officially designated a Union Battleship and received the Hull number DN-01 and was officially christened USS Devastator. The Ship is part of the First Fleet , First Battle Group .
Over 1400 year have passed now and the Devastator is still in service. She has seen many Captains, each captain handpicked by the ships true master, Admiral Richard Stahl .
That the Devastator is more than a Seenian battle ship has been shown many times. The ship can cloak and not even Seenian sensors can detect her if she is under cloak. She is among the fastest ships. While she has eight of the biggest military grade ISAH pods ever designed and built, she also has “Alien engines” that according to Lt Commander Suit (who is a Seenian Tech expert) are not of Seenian origin.
The ship is made of an Molecule Compacted Ultronit metal, that is standard to all Union Battle ships now (until 5100 when the until then secret “Neutronium compound armor becomes the new standard)
Besides being a battle ship, the Devastator is also a carrier with a vast fleet of smaller ships and fighters on board.

Main ArmamentEdit

Currently there are 74,450 beings serving aboard the USS Devastator.

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