Uss mentalist

Ultanese Pltr Classs 2800 m

This characteristic drop shaped Ult Battle ship of the Pre-Universal Fleet Design reform of 3900 had been mothballed on a Bone Yard Planet until it was reactivated, and completely refitted in 4317 at the end the Piostla War.  Since then it has undergone several minor refits and upgrades, the most recent in 5025.

It is equipped with the latest PSI tech of Saresii , Seenian and Phantas origin and officially designated a research vessel, but it belongs to X Fleet and operates under the direct command of PSI corps. Its first mission was to find the Children of the Deep and find ways to neutralize this threat.

The Mentalist is equipped with six TL Cannons ( Giga Load) and 12 Loki torpedo launchers. It has two Revolver starters for its 200 Wolfcraft type fighter craft ( Actually these are Ghost-Shadow intruders but that is a highly classified fact)

Special Equipment includes PSI Shields, the first and so far only Psionic Projector, Psi Sensors, and Psionic Spore sprayers ( after those system being tested on board of the USS Tigershark )

The Mentalist is equipped with specialized Labs to research and investigate Psionic events/problems.

Currently under command of Captain Achtvoracht

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