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USS Shetland Vision Class Dreadnought officially designated as Arsenal Ship -AR


Named after Admiral Horatio Shetland and hero of the Battle of Sol during the 4th Intergalactic War. The Shetland is the vessel used by Admiral of the Fleet McElligott, thus making the USS Shetland the Flagship of the United Stars Navy. Much to the dismay of Admiral McElligott, the Captain of the Shetland and her crew, almost no one knows that. Almost everyone believes it is the USS Devastator. Every school kid knows about Admiral Stahl and the Devi. Hardly anyone, not even Navy personnel knows it is the Shetland.

Ships Motto: "fortiter in re, suaviter in modo .Resolute in action, gentle in manner. “


Official christening of ship by the Klack Queen on October 5th, 4991. Commanding Officer: Captain Sheila McKenzie Crew Compliment: 400 Officers and 8,000 Crew

Length : 5,200 meters Width: 3,120 meters

Armament: Classified Shields: TransDim 6 shpere Design Max. Acceleration: 560 km/sec2 Max Range: 5,500 Light Years Max. Translight: 20,000 t/LS


Axillary Craft: 1500 Khari-Wolf Fighters, 200 Thor Gun Boats, 20 Barracuda Destroyers, Various shuttles, tanks and specialty craft.

The Shetland is an Arsenal Ship with a wide array of canons, guns, missiles and torpedoes. It is also used as a test plat form for new systems and it is the first standard Union Class ship with Attikan Engines.