Ult book
Ult Fighting Doctrine

(A collection of 24 Ult writing tapes, combined in a tome/ book)

Union Press – Translated Issue GSBN 49593-388843-8583929 U (first Union Edition)

First Print 12,000 BC (OTT) 9,574 Ult Year BTE (Before the Event)

This massive tome of over 2000 pages describes in great detail every aspect of Ult tactics, strategy from one to one underwater fight to Battle fleet engagement.

The Ult have been an advanced space faring society with a very aggressive xenophobe expanding Empire of over 12,000 Star systems and were considered very war like and aggressive.

The Ult societies most famous Grebbtor [Ult]= Fight Direction Giver (Ult term for Admiral/ General Commander in Chief) Grebbtor Rugg Stokes wrote the first tape analyzing the Ult's first encounter with the Shiss. Other famous Grebbtors added 23 tapes and studies on tactics, fighting and strategy. Most notable is section 22 as it describes the Ult side of the first Y'All war (where the Ult fought with the First Galactic Council).

Later Grebbtors also wrote such tapes but they were collected in subsequent volumes. There are altogether over 200 Ult Fighting Doctrine books, known to scholars as the Subsequent Series.

It is only the first one that is really famous and required reading material at Union Military Academies (Marines, Fleet, Army) for Command personnel.

The first tome is also considered part of the so called Captains Treasure.

Note: Image shows one of the last functional Ult Tape Book recorders / readers. This particular unit is over 9,000 years old. The Company Antique Electronics manufactures beautiful and authentic replicas. This particular one is displayed at the Ult Pavilion at Pluribus Unum.