Third planet in the Uhhr System and planet of origin for the Ult.
Despite the fact that Ulta is the home world of one of the Union Founding species and home to a very active population. it retained much if its natural beauty. Ulta is a Gardenworld with a rich Nitrogen Oxygen atmosphere of a higher Oxygen concentration than most other garenworlds of similar conditions ( 65% Ni 35% O). The planet has large shallow oceans and one relative small continent and a few islands(90% water 10% land) .The climate is planetwide very mild and generally with a high mositure content. Lowest temperatures are usually around 20 deggrees while the average is 38 degrees and highs of 40 have been recorded.
The oceans have a very low saltine content. None of the Oceans are deeper than 300 meters. There are contient sized underwater kelp like forrests with an abundance of marine life. All Cities are located either as floating islands or on the floor of the ocean. No settlements are to be found on their single contient, but extensive recreation areas, parks and nature zones have been established there (as well as well camouflaged resorts, hotels and some very expensive residences)
Ulta is the only planet of such importance that has no weather control.
There is a Class A Space port (currently) near the North Pole, floating on the Ocean. (it has been relocated several times)
There are several modern metropoles accessible to all Union citizens, and a few traditional Ult cities that are open to the water.The Planet is open to all and has very little restrictions ( Only members of the Ult Religion are allowed to visit the Island Moralou)

Apporximatley 800 Million Ult and 70 Million Non Ult citizen live permanently on Ulta. There is a Trans Matter Tunnel System to all planets and the ULT Hub in the System (Ulta will be connected to the Long Range TMT project by 5030)
There is very little in terms of industry. Much commerce is service related. There is no  government building / area. As Ulta decided to adopt Union Law . Law Enforcement is provided by a Union Marshall (Ulta Marshall and deputies) Except for a small religious cast on the Island Moralou all aspects of Ult politics are decided directly at the Assembly. Ult always say: We are Union Citizen, we don't need a seperate government or laws.
The main Export is Kelp and tons of Squiggle Worms, raised in Worm Farms and shipped to Ult living all over Union Space.
Main Imports are: Cigars, Sugar, Carbonated Water (the bottled kind from fancy places) Fish Oil

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