Ultra Cling Clang

Sound - Performance Art

Some called it music but the developers of Kling Klang call it rhythmic destruction of metal objects while perfoming pre-communication noises that are not language.

Ultra Kling Klang is non rhythmic and added the dimension of Organic sounds such as vomiting, farting, sneezing and similar sounds of many different species.

Critics call it the worst noise there is[1], but it was popular for about 30 years[2] especially among the lower intellect teenagers of Humanoid origin.

While Ultra Kling Klang was credited to be first performed and defined by Dispht Khoon , this art performance most successful group was the Höllenlärm band 5033-5040


  1. A moderately good review compared one audio only performance "to a group of preschoolers who had gotten hold of some old fashioned pots and pans" which was actually real close to the truth - a daycare for the infant to preschool age children provided some pots and pans and then recorded the results.
  2. Kling Klang was first recorded as an Art/ Music form by Funbuz Dumneger and the Sticky Fingers (Kling Klang Band - 5020 - 5033) around 5020 on Pluribus. Ultra Kling Klang was defined and performed first by Dipsht Khoon a former band member of Sticky Fingers in 5033)