Union Battleships come in many classes and sizes, but ever since the design reform of 3500 , the Union Wedge -Shape Battle ship design is predominant.

The Union Fleet has 5 Battleship Size classes:

(in meters)

The Devastator is classified as an Ultra-Battleship

As an example for Union Battleships, here is the recently delivered  USS Ragnarsson . Built at SII-Shipyards on Balmung and finished at Arsenal IV , christened in 5012, this behemoth of Union might features the latest in weapon and defense technology. No other known ship class in the galaxy can take the same pounding and dish out as much destruction as a Union Battleship. No other known species builds anything quite like it.

Union Battle ships are also fully equipped with science labs, science crews and extensive med facilities to perform a vide spectrum of missions.

Even though the Union Fleet has designated Fighter Carriers , Battleships carry large fleets of auxillary crafts with them.

Standard Crew Compliment: 34,000 + 3,500 Marines and 2,500 Auxillary craft crews and pilots.

56 x Translocator Giga load -Dual

23 x TL Sniper Cannons - 1/2 Ly RW - Kilo Load

4 x TL Terra Load

34 X Loki II Starters

30 x FTL DE- Projectors 35,000 Terrawatt ea

Plus other weapons of smaller size, point defense cannons, Disintegrators, Plasma Guns, Graviton Cannons, Paralysators and Tech Stop. Planetary Bomb Shafts, Mine laying capability, 400 Wolfcraft Fighters, Thor Gun Boats, 4 Barracuda Destroyers.

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