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Union Gates

5500, year

The Union Gate Network is officially turned on and begins operations. The Union Gate Network begins oprating 56 gates. (of which 25 are in the M-0 Galaxy, 18 are in Andromeda,6 are in the LMC , 3 are in the SMC, 1 in Leo II , 2 in the Triangulum Galaxy.)

All known Gates of the Ancient Gate Network  within the Union are destroyed or in the process of beinbg destroyed.

The Scientist who figured out the final step of making Union gates work licenced the technology to both Enroe Industries and SII.

  • Union Gates are occupied and combine Gatehouse and Gate. 
  • Destination is selectable. Every Union gate can be connected to every other Union Gate. 
  • Union Gates ca connect to Destination Gates of the Ancient Gate Network.
  • Union Gates are connected to each other via the Gate Com Network .
  • Union Gates are armed and can be shielded.
  • The Ancient Gates known in the Local Group are refurbished to Union Gate Standard.
  • A new branch of the Armed Forces is established - Union Gate Force -