Union health
Union Health Department

This is a sub division of the Union Health and Education Council to the Assembly. It is the smallest of the UHEC departments and is separate of the Union Medical Services (which is part of the Science Council). It works in close cooperation with Union Medical Services and the Science Council.

The Union Health Department is primarily concerned about Public Health , public hygiene, Work Place safety , School health ( Union School Nurses) Nutritional health but since the Assembly decided that no individual should be forced and c health and hygiene. The UHD is only allowed to educate and suggest.

  • The UHD however inspects restaurants, food processing institutions and food transports and can impose fines, quarantines or impose instructions to improve hygiene conditions.
  • The UHD operates and inspects all public rest rooms, bath rooms and hygiene facilities located on federal ground. The bath rooms and hygiene facilities at Union Space ports, public parks, public buildings are under the authority of the UHD.
  • The UHD operates a fleet of space ships : Maintenance Ships , Hygiene Patrol ships and the Health Department Prowlers.
  • The UHD operates a research facility to research health and hygiene needs for all member species and often sends Hygiene assessment teams to new member species.
  • UHD Administration is on Pluribus and their Operational Headquarters is on Planet Eugenia in the Lurus System.
  • The UHD has the most 22 month Citizen volunteers of any Federal Service because service there is deemed easy and uneventful and can lead to a good paid federal permanent career.
  • The current commander of the UHD is Director Y'Thkar, a Klack that is famous for his "Healthy Morning" GalNet show where he addresses health and hygiene issues in a fun and entertaining way.
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