One of the basic Union Services every Union Citizen has the right to receive is free Health Care. Even the most remote Union Settlement should have access to Union Health Care.

The most basic and smallest Union Health Care Station is the Med Station Pack 1 . A self contained fully automatic MD station with Auto Doc and Med Bot. The MSP has room for up to 5 Union Average Size Patients and can treat up to 50 on a daily basis. All Med Stations are equipped with Emergency GalNet Terminals connecting them permanently to Med Central. There are 5 Med Pack Sizes available plus several specialized ones (Non Corp Special, Pertharian Special, Takkian Special, etc) The largest Med Station Pack can service up to 500 patients a day. -

  • A Class I Station is a fully equipped MSP 5 plus a live Doctor and Nurse.
  • A Class II Station is a small Clinic with room for up to 300 stationary patients and has 2 Doctors and 6 Nurses. + 2 Med Bots
  • A Class III is a small Hospital with at least 5 Doctors, 20 Nurses, Room for 500 patients and 4 Med Bots
  • A Class IV is a Medium Size Hospital with 10 General Practitioner MDs, Several Specialist MDs, Nurses, Room for 1000 Patients.
  • A Class V is a Full size Hospital with major departments, Emergency Room Services, 20 Robots, Room for 1000-5000 Patients
  • A Class VI is a Major Health Care Facility able to treat all beings and all known afflictions.
  • A Class VII is a Major Hospital with Research capabilities
  • A Class VIII is a Full Union Regional Health Facility
  • A Class IX is a full Quadrant Union Health Facility (Currently 6 in Existence : Upward, Coreward, Spinward, Bridge, LMC and Andromeda)
  • A Class X is Med Central
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