Union Ranger Service

Law enforcement: Commissioned (sworn peace officer) rangers are federal law enforcement officers with broad authority to enforce federal and state laws within the territory of the United Stars of the Galaxies and they are the primary police agency in the border areas and fringe areas of the Union. While the more developed regions have well established local law enforcement and can call upon Union Police support by Holo Avatar technology or Union Police bases are close enough for rapid deployment, such options are often not available at new established colonies and settlements.

The Union Ranger Service also provides law enforcement to planets that do not have their own local police force. (Examples: Nilfeheim , Green Hell ) the Ult have completely adapted Union law and rely on the Union Ranger Service for all their Law Enforcement.

Primarily Union Rangers patrol the fringe areas of Union Space; their services may be augmented by the United Stars Federal Police, particularly at Ult Planets. The Ranger Service also employs "special agents" who conduct more complex criminal investigations.

Rangers receive extensive police training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center on Precinct (Planet Precinct) and annual in-service and regular blaster training.

According to Department of Justice statistics Rangers suffer the most number of felonious assaults, and the highest number of homicides of all federal law enforcement officers.

Rangers often act as mail service, messengers, counsellors, agricultural experts, veterinarians, exterminators, justice of the peace, doctor etc.

Emergency services

Emergency Medical Response: Rangers are often certified as Wilderness First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics. Rangers operate ambulances and respond to medical incidents ranging from bumps and bruises to heart attacks, health crisis and child birth.

Emergency Supplies: Rangers often help struggling colonies with emergency supplies until help from the Colony Bureau can be dispatched.

Small Claims Court and Arbitrator Services: Rangers often are called to settle disputes or act as Judges in all kinds of disputes.

Union Rangers are highly respected and only individuals of exemplary skills and sense of duty is suited for this.

Rangers usually go on patrol for 6-12 month in their highly specialized Ranger Ships known everywhere as : “Jolly Blue” (Often Nicknamed : Blue Hope, Blue Rescue, Blue N Safe)

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