Standard month
Standard Month 

also known as ANDIV (Annual Division)[1]

The Time Keeping Reform of 5050 found it practical to keep the year divided into months. It was however decided to abandon the Pre Astro Earth names for month as they had no meaning to Non Terran societies.

While many Earth spawned colonies and societies keep the month names and use the old OTT way of recording time, as many Earth traditions were linked to certain month. (such as birthdays, religious festivities).

A long debate as how to name the new month resulted and no consensus could be found. So it was decided to keep it simple and call the month by numbers. Do differentiate them from the day names a sequence appenix 

was added. First instead of One, Second instead of two etc.

Each month divided into five weeks -Red, Blue,Green,Yellow and White Week (10 days)

So a date could be expressed writing OneDay-Red Week - Sixth Month - 5050 (or 2066 UST)[2]  - or 1 R 6 2066

1 - First Month

2 - Second Month

3 - Third Month

4 - Fourth Month

5-  Fifth Month

6 - Sixth Month

7 - Seventh Month

8 - Eight Month

9 - Ninth Month

10 - Tenth Month

ANDIV (Annual Division) 

[1] Since the word month came from the word moon and was linked to the phases of Earth's moon. The Blue argued that the word month should also be replaced. The word Annual Divsiions was proposed but since this was to long for practical use, it was shortened to ANDIV ( 1st Andiv, 2nd Andiv, 3rd Andiv etc.)

Since the new way of counting month had only 10 instead of the old 12 divisions, and no one could decide what month should be omitted. All the old month names were abandoned and the word Andiv was adopted by everyone.(except for the Union Marine Corps that still calls the 10th month October

[2] 5050 - 2220 = 2,830   is 1,032,950 days / 500 standard days = 2,065.9 standard years -2066 UST (New Era )

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