Typical Union Traffic Hub

Medium to high traffic solar systems use a hub system to assist with smooth flow. Arriving and departing ships all converge in one location, vastly simplifying travel and shipping. For in-system travel, ships are "handed off" to local traffic control stations.

These are normally large artificial stations in space. They allow cargo and freight transfer, connections to other ships and local transport.

As an example here are the statistics for Blue Moon Hub Station:

9 Class A Space Ports

Space Train Blue Moon Terminal (14 direct connections, 30+ lines)

Long Distance TransMatter Tunnel network with connections to all other Union Core Worlds

2500+ Space Bus Connections

Head Quarters of 5 Space Bus Operators

Major Trade Exchange

Permanent Residents: 86 Million, Commuting Employees: 46 Million and Visitors daily: 35 - 45 Million

Freights and Goods transferred: 3.5 Gigatons daily (3.5 Billion tons)

Local System Tram, TransMatter Tunnel and System Bus Connections to all Blue Moon Destinations.