While there are legends of Union Vault 1 there are just a few whispered rumors about Union Vault 2. As its existence would violate Union Law those who have heard about it believe it is just anti-Union propaganda. The rumors have it that this is a Gulag, a Prison, and repository of sentient beings. A laboratory where Experiments on sentient beings are conducted.


Union Vault 2 exists and operates with the knowledge and blessing of the Great Assembly Secret Services Council. It was decided that some enemies needed to be fought an opposed without moral barriers. Union Vault 2 is a Prison, Holding facility and lab complex. After the breach at Tabernacle 12, this became the new Research facility. The last Freon, Ferons and Xunx are incarcerated here as well as the captured Clone Kermac and “New Y'All”.

The Station is an old Saran Military base, that officially has been sold to scrap and refurbished. The station is very isolated and over 12,000 light-years in Trans-Galactic Space and beyond the range of most ships. The base can be reached via a dedicated Space Tram Line and special long-range ships. The Base is guarded by the Pig Bellies and Commanded by NAVINT Commander Sebin Alyfengh of Sares.

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