The United Earth Navy was founded in 2093 OTT, with Obrock Mc Elligott as its highest ranking commissioned officer. Its mission was to provide mobile space defence outside of Luna’s orbit, project force into nearby systems as needed, patrol UE space and rapidly respond to regional crises. The UE Navy was merged into the new United Stars of the Galaxy Navy in 2220 OTT. (Afterwards commonly called “The Fleet”.)

Created by merging the personnel of the Earth’s national navies, it took many years to form a coherent military structure, with uniform training manuals and methods and an acceptable rank structure, pay grades and everything in between. There is no doubt in anyone's mind (familiar with the subject) that it would not have happened without McElligott.

This situation was exacerbated by the fact that until the 1st Terran purpose built warship[1] was delivered in 2100 OTT, the UE Navy used refurbished warships of Ult, Saran, and Pan Saran construction. That made uniform methods, training and logistics almost impossible.  


[1] The UES Bismarck and Richard Stahl became her Captain.

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