While the United Earth Post Office was formally founded shortly after the founding of the United Earth, the transition from over a hundred national postal services to one unified service didn't go as smoothly as in some sections of the government.  It was only in 2095 that the Postmaster general declared the transition complete.

While it had a rocky start, it soon became a model of efficiency to the point that in 2205 a decision was made to replace the Saran, Pan Saran and Ult mail services with an expanded UE Post Office serving every planet and other places colonized by those societies.

In most documents formalizing that expansion, the combined postal service was called Common Post Office, although a few called it the Unity Post Office.  Neither of these two "official" names caught on, with what started out as an unofficial term “Union Post Office” eventually becoming it's permanent name[1].

The United Earth Post Office formally ceased to exist at 00:00 hrs on the 1st of June 2220, being replaced by the United Stars Post Office[2].


  1. There is no records of who first used that name, although some linguists believe it started on Ulta and is the main reason the word “Union” became synonymous with all Union installations, organizations and finally anything United Stars of the Galaxies related.
  2. The biggest change was administrative with representatives from the Saran, Pan Saran and Ult societies for the first time being a part of the upper hierarchy of the Union Post Office.
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