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United Stars Space Force

Direct Off shot of the Air Force Space Command . A combination of all Air Forces of Earth were tasked by the United Earth Government to create the Robotic Bombs that destroyed the Xunx. The Day the Union was formed, a second Robotic Bom Attack was carried out against the Ferons . This time with the help of the Pan Sarans and the Sarans and United Earth Space Command became technically the very first Union Entity even before there was an Assembly or anything else. The United Stars Space Force still exists and is the smallest of the Branches. It is virtually unknown by the General Public. The USSF is tasked with the development and deployment of Civilization destroying weapons and methods. As an ultimate defense. The USSF was more or less just a name until the Y'All war but was revitalized and reorganized by Assembly Decision and Admiral Stahl was asked to reorganize it. Stahl refused and the task was given to the Chinese born Immortal Han Cheng. USSF HQ is on Pluribus and their main Force Center is at Planet Omag. The USSF is on purpose kept out of Public eye and under the Radar.

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