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The Universal Collective, more commonly referred to as the UNI, where a community of star-faring civilizations united under a common government. Little is known about the UNI.

Information regarding the UNI is Classified Blue-Blue-Red or higher by the Union military.

Few verified artifacts of this culture exist and these have been dated to be over two million years old. Some scholars believe their culture reached tremendous technological and sociological advancements, what would be called Tech Level 11 or 12 in modern terms and to have spanned 250 million years. It is believed that the Universal Collective reached its peak at about 10 million years ago and then declined sharply. The UNI vanished from the galactic stage at about 2 million years ago. It is generally believed they were of primarily humanoid shape and size. Some scholars believe the Uni to have seeded Humanoid Life on planets in the upward sector and thus explain the Human Mystery. Others reject this and claim it was the Pree who did the seeding. (While there is a definite DNA link between all human shaped species in the Upward sector, no universally accepted scientific explanation exists to explain the so called Human Mystery.) The Saresii claim to have had actual contact with the last UNI before they vanished or left. Most information about the UNI originates from Saresii myths, legends and fairy tales. One popular myth is of the Knights of Light and Order, a small elite group of UNI that survived until present times to guard a mythical treasure and bestow special gifts to individuals for being especially good and orderly. The story was originally used by Saresii parents to promise their kids unsubstantial and undefined "blessings" by mythical beings if they kept their rooms and clothing tidy and did good things. This custom has spread too many Union planets.

It is known that the UNI had been on Earth about 250 million years ago and two Uni Agents witnessed the arrival of the Transport and the Guardian. The Arrival of the Guardian had been predicted by the Narth, who warned the UNI not to interfere. The Uni did not heed the warning and the resulting loss of the two UNI Agents was blamed by the Universal Collective on the Narth. The Uni declared war on the Narth soon after this event but Narth simply ignored them.

The UNI learned about the Purpose of the Guardian and decided to obtain the 12 Tokens of Power themselves. This caused the first breaking of the RULE and the Dark Ones awoke before their time and without leadership or purpose. The Dark Ones attacked the galaxy for the first time and destroyed much of the Uni civilization. A small remnant of the UNI fled to another part of the Local Group (to LEO II), but left a cache of technology and instructions with a civilization that eventually became the Kermac.

The Universal Collective divided its society in Segments of Color.




Segment of Knowledge


Segment of Reason


Segment of Protection


Segment of Culture


Segment of Life


Segment of Rule


The forbidden Segment

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