Upper Fringe Region1
Upper Fringe Region
also known as the Galaxy's Western Edge
M-0 Galaxy - Upward Sector

The region was defined during the Galaxy Mapping Project .
And is spatially defined as a region of 65,239 LY x 500 LY x 10,000 LY
The outer fringe of the UFR blends into the Trans-Galactic Void .
The UFR is divided into three regions: 270Vela , 300Ceux , 330Norma

The UFR is sparsely populated in terms of stars. There are a number of Union claimed trans-galactic-planets and High-Velocity Stars (Starsystems)  within the Trans-Galactic Void-West reachable via UFR-HUB

The molecule particle count keeps diminishing the further out and closer one gets to the TGV.
While it is a very sparse populated area, it is still considered Union Space
Since it happened many times before; the galaxy being visited and invaded by outside forces. The Assembly approved the UFR Monitor and Security Act (4012 OTT )
All UFR objects are to be cataloged, developed and if possible occupied. 
Union Number fleets are assigned. Long Range scanning and detection grids to be established.
Each region received a Regional HQ.
The Regional HQs manage research, deployment, and exploration and deliver a daily sensor and contact report to NELSON (NELSON II ) and to COPERNICUS . An annual region report is to be filed with the UAS and the Explorer Division of the Science Corps .

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