Uranus is the seventh planet from the star Sol in the Sol System

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It has the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System. Uranus is similar in composition to Neptune , and both are of different chemical composition than the larger gas giants Jupiter and Saturn .

For this reason, Planetologists of the Science Council place them in a separate category called "ice giants ".

Uranus's atmosphere, although similar to Jupiter's and Saturn's in its primary composition of hydrogen and helium , contains more "ices" such as water , ammonia , and methane , along with traces of hydrocarbons . It is the coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System , with a minimum temperature of 49 K (−224 °C ). It has a complex, layered cloud structure, with water thought to make up the lowest clouds, and methane thought to make up the uppermost layer of clouds. In contrast, the interior of Uranus is mainly composed of ices and rock.

Like the other gas giants, Uranus has a ring system, a magnetosphere , and numerous moons . The Uranian system has a unique configuration among the planets because its axis of rotation is tilted sideways, nearly into the plane of its revolution about the Sun. Its north and south poles therefore lie where most other planets have their equators. The wind speeds on Uranus can reach 250 meters per second (900 km/h , 560 mph ).


Uranus was physically surveyed by United Earth Science Vessel Kopernikus in 2188 OTT but unlike its moons was  ignored by settlers, colonists and companies.

The liquid water clouds of Uranus discovered by a second more detailed expedition in 2194 OTT by another Survey Mission changed that. Water and Ice mines in form of Floating Scooper platform evolved into floating cities and a Capital City was established deep on the rock and ice core . Herschel City on the Rock core is accessed via Storm Rider Elevator from the largest surface floating city .Uranopolis .

Methane, Water and Ammonia are mined. Methane and Water compacted as Fuel and Ammonia liquefied for Chemical and fertilizer applications.

About 6 Million Union citizens call Uranus home , Uranus is represented at the Assembly

Civics: Corporate / Citizen Council with elected Planet-Governor that also acts as Representative.

Union Laws (no local laws)

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