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UPDATE MARCH 15, 2017: Thanks to your support one of my stories has been published. Eric Olafson, Space Pirate is available on Amazon today and you can get it here:

~ VR

Writing,the written word and reading are as important to me as air and food

I am truly thankful that you came to this side to learn more about me and perhaps even read some of my stories, because I am a writer. (Now you could argue about the quality of my writing and I certainly won't disagree if you call me the worst hack you ever came across, but I am a writer) Let's face it writers, or well maybe just this one is most comfortable all by myself at a quiet place with all the surroundings just right and write. But as much as a writer likes to be left alone when writing it is a useless waste of time, when no one else reads what you write. Much like an actor needs an audience, a write needs readers.

Vanessa at window

The best way to get to know me, other than actually meeting, is to read my stories. I am to be found in all my characters the good and the bad.

Anyone's critique and suggestions will be taken as such. I am never hurt by words or feel insulted. I will take your critique as it is meant, constructive. To help me become a better Writer and hopefully one day a Writer that actually has readers.

With great pride and pleasure I read those reviews and comments. Each of your comments, each word is like a very special treasure to me. I want to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.


My stories all occur in the same Universe. The background, Aliens, support characters will always be the same. The Worlds, the times and the main characters change. You do not have to read my stories in any particular sequence as they all self contained and hopefully make sense without having read any of the other books.

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