NOTE: Ep2 was posted Oct 2, 2013 and can be view here.

So I have a good rough draft of episode 2 in the Triangulum Files completed. I'm looking for proof readers who can help point out some of the errors that are there. If you're interested just send me an email at silvak.lance @ (without spaces).

I use google doc' drive now that they changed the name. I will add you as a contributor using your email address. You'll be able to read and edit the document online in real time. At this point it's just a rough draft, so grammar and spelling are probably horrible. What I'm after most is the flow and feel of the episode. ie, too slow, too boring, not detailed enough, one part is irrelevant, I want to know more about something, this was confusing, that was pointless, ect.

Anyways, I'll catch you all tomorrow! Thanx!!


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