The Triangulum Files are a spin-off series based in the GC Universe. It started of as a concept I created featuring several elements from my favorite books, movies and TV series. As the concept develop into something more substantial I began altering it to make it seem more consistent with the GC-verse and with my abilities. Here are some things you can look forward....

  • Officially recognized by Vanessa, the stories will be posted on, along with accompanying articles here on the wiki.
  • The stories will be laid out in "Episode" format. Meaning chapter or large chapter sized spinets targeted at advancing the storyline or developing a character.
  • My current goal is to have a new Episode every month or so, but it's subject to change.
  • The story with mostly take place in the Triangulum Galaxy featuring new characters, species and agendas.......with some appearances by other characters in their respective roles.
  • While there will be multiple tie-ins to the main GC story arc, the series will follow it's own path for it's own purposes.

Right now Vanessa is keeping an eye on my writing to make sure I don't mess anything up, but I'm going to need you all to help out too. I'll need you to comment on what you think and how I can improve both the writing and the story. No flames please, but solid advice with examples would be greatly appreciated.


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