Finally after at least 12 attempts and a waste basket full of discarded beginnings...

I finally found the way how I wanted to rewrite the GC Universe and the Eric Olafson Story

I kicked the Writers Block into the waste basket as well and Iamnot only full of new ideas but have enough energy and ideas to tackle the rewrite.

NOTE: The Rewrite will affect the Wiki a little but I will make the chances right away so transission should be easy

This time I try to have an editor check the chpaters before I post them on Fiction Press



  1. Eric new story reflects the Historic events in Roy's Story

  2. The Dark One tells the story from the beginnings

  3. A new Book is added as a Beginner “ NILFEHEIM”. Nilfeheim will tell not only Erics story but the Story of the Neo Vikings

  4. Eric's father will receive a different fate

  5. I will fix a lot of Plot errors

  6. First Journeys will be extended

  7. Academy will last 4 years instead of three

  8. The Hunt for the Red Dragon will be different

Vanessa Ravencroft (talk) 22:44, May 12, 2013 (UTC)

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