The Marvel Universe did it, DC did it, Batman did it and Superman..So I am rebooting my Universe as well.

The reason is, I have grown as a writer, mostly due to the many edits, comments and help from friends like John,Bill,Sam and others.

When I started Galactic Chronicles in 1993 it was a collection of handwritten Notebooks. Then I begun to tell the tale on Fiction Press Almost 10 years ago and added much to the tale. It was an organic growth and I wrote chapter by chapter rather than book by boo..and I fabricated some glaring Plot-holes, made tremendous typos and mind boggling errors.

At the beginning of this year my father died and I had to take care of my mother who took it hard. While this happened I was reading my own stuff and realized It needs fixing…serious fixing.

In March I got my first writing job..Getting paid for writing…(A new one fort me) but it was completely unrelated to the Galactic Chronicles. As of May I have started to rewrite the Galactic Chronicles… but this time I will post chapters ..only after I have completed the book. It will give me and my volunteer editors a chance to publish a more polished product. The reason for this is that I want to write new stories and not repeat the old ones, but I can't move forward until I know the rest is as close to perfect as I can make it.

Please note that this is a major undertaking and a volume of more than a million words. So please be patient…Galactic Chronicles will continue.

In the mean time you can go to the GalNet Wiki (it has grown to over 5000 Pages) and thanks to my new and dedicated friends Gnume, Sam and Knightrider it is quality checked and will give you hours of reading material in the meantime.


Vanessa Ravencroft

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