The Rewrite

The rewrite I started in March is the hardest thing I have done in terms of writing. I wrote more than ever and tossed entire books in the waste basket ,only to start over.

The reason is, I want it to make it the last re write and finally get on to new stories.

I know the rewrite has to be done. There are too many plot holes and errors, but whenever I start I am adding new elements and then I feel it takes away from the original plot.

But I think I finally got a handle on it and I will soon update.

As usual they will first appear in the Fragments section of the Wiki. Once edited and read by my friends I will post them at Fiction Press.

Stories Online has to wait as John who does the posting there is currently deployed deep in the Congo and has little time to do that at the moment.

Well this is the current state of things.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends and readers.


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